Oh for fuck’s sake

murderers, terrorists, sex addicts and monkeys

we’re all geniuses, in our own ways


© elancharan








I don’t need anything from you, the fucking world is still backwards, when you love a woman, you love her for who she is, not for her wealth, not for the amount of dowry she carries with her over to your house, not for how she is going to pleasure with gifts and sex, I want you, not the gossiping poisonous mouths of your relatives, the vicious stares of strangers, I don’t need a stage and priest to fucking proclaim to the world that you are my wife, I don’t need anything from you, come as you are, come as you be, take my hand and let us walk down this mad life together, I don’t need anything from you my dear, in this fucking world, you are all I need…


© elancharan


It’s in our blood, don’t blame us millenials and youths for not wanting to stick to a job for three to four decades of our lives, we don’t seek pleasure in boredom, we don’t see fun in normality, we want to travel, we want to see, we want to know what makes the world tick, we want to break boundaries, we want to go beyond flesh and language, good or bad, we want to experience the craze of this planet, please don’t stop us, please don’t put us down, we need to know, we will bear the consequences of our actions, you have enough on your shoulders, so let us be, let us be…

© elancharan


The goal is to be complete, to be one with you, in mind, body and soul, to be humble and sincere in my actions, to ask for mercy, to forgive my enemies, to paint a picture of virtues and perfection, to be complete is none of these, to be complete is to be angry, sad, to feel, to love, to rage, to break apart and mend our souls, to become stronger, to rise and fall, to find that strength to carry on, to survive, to be complete is to be human and not be ashamed of who we really are.

© elancharan


Common is a crime, we don’t look at our similarities, we ignore and brush them aside, common is a crime so common, we don’t see eye to eye, we look at the dirt and the specks of differences, we try to be alienated and distant, common is a crime, and we humans are common, an infestation in a world that is hoping to be rid of our violence and destruction, common is a crime, a great crime and a bad time to be common is now, because common is you, me, the colored, the criminals, the untouchables, the rich, the gay, the mad, the ugly and the dying, so go ahead draw your lines and divide yourselves, being common is a crime and I’ll be common as they come.

© elancharan

My Date With An Indian Goddess

As a photographer, I capture beauty around the world. One face in particular ate my heart like a tea cake in one date, I felt for her in an odd way. Well, this is the way it went:

So, this Indian goddess sits across from me. Dark long locks brush her shoulders as she speaks with intelligence illuminating gold sparks in her almond eyes. I study her mouth’s every move. I gaze at her thin cushion top-lip as she grasps her straw with her thick bottom lip wrapping round, and she sucks up a Tequila Sunrise.

As she tells her life’s tale to me, her brown cheeks hue pink, and I laugh with her to make her white teeth gleam. In awe of this creature before me, my eyes travel her neck to watch the rise and fall of her breasts, squeezed together to perk up her silk blouse. She gesticulates with a poised right hand while her left sits upon the table across from mine.

I envision laying my white hand upon her long tan fingers, reading her palm so I can tell her she has nothing to be insecure about. But lonely is as lonely does, and she goes on and on about how she gets her dates online to find her perfect man.

We both went home alone, but I learned beauty doesn’t make a woman feel more in control. A woman is a woman despite her face, for those who possess beauty know it fades.


I write under the pen name Hopelessly Inappropriate. I’ve been writing since I graduated from Ball State University in 1999 with my BA in Secondary English Education. While teaching the literary canon throughout Arizona, I continued creating stories and poetry, taking ESL and creative writing courses for my MA through Northern Arizona University. A year into my master’s program, after ten years of teaching high school, I met my husband, got married, and had a beautiful baby. I’m a writer, a woman, a wife, and a mother who has been a paraplegic for over half my years alive, giving me an interesting perspective on life. This is why I write.

© Kelley Bush