The man’s fear of comfort keeps him bouncing off the walls in his little plush home—well, not exactly a house per say, but the conditions are just right. It has been unseasonably cold these past few days, yet you can see him—look, right now—dancing with the sparrows outside his tiny window, albeit a frosted opalescent one of single-ply tempered glass. Unfortunately, he is aloof to their instinctual migration patterns and is keen on tearing down the walls to follow them away. He gets relatively infuriated that his friends decide to abandon him…that is why we must assume the role. What role, you ask? I would say the landlord, but he has no source of income. If he’s complacent, we can be his friend for a few days. If he is disobedient, well, he will rather wish that he could fly away from us forever…



Josh Dale holds a BA in English from Temple University and has been previously published in Black Elephant Literary Magazine, Dead Snakes, Peeking Cat Poetry, Madness Muse Magazine, Paradox, In Their Own Words, Indie Affair Magazine, and Temple’s undergraduate literary magazine, Hyphen. A short story writer by heart, and a craft beer enthusiast by soul, he founded a small press, Thirty West Publishing House, in November of 2015, which focuses on hand-made chapbooks and weekly columns by guest contributors. Within, he has self-published 2 chapbooks and a short poetry collection titled, Duality Lies Beneath.

 © 2016 Josh Dale All Rights Reserved



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