First they divide us, against each other

then they set labels to our skin

finally, we kill each other over rights


© elancharan





She prowls the night, grinding thighs

chained, tied, knotted in sexual craze

on impact, we erupt to kingodom come


© elancharan

Rain of Fire

You don’t play in this rain, when fire falls in symphony to shrapnel and screams, you don’t get to play in this rain, where umbrellas and bodies are holed, ripping lives and cities to shreds, this rain fucking plays you…

© elancharan



In a single sentence, your world and mine could be over, in a death-defying act we could be more than lovers, in all that we do the essence of life, death and destruction follows us from birth to death, into the afterlife and begins anew at rebirth, in a single sentence we could be forever…

© elancharan


Head on her lap, her fingers running through my hair, peace is close, peace is within, embraced in her love, the rabid demons of our world long to break in, destroy the tranquility of our private space…

© elancharan