My people, they mechanised

marching in binaries, they no longer feel

1001 110 10 10 01 11 00, fuck us all


© elancharan



We living in a hologram, ancient structures and alien codes all pointing at the one thing the human mind has never been able to comprehend, we living in our illusions, the dreams of those before, we living, dying and repeating the cycles of life, death and destruction, we do it so well, we living a life of lies, the truth has yet to reveal its horrors…

© elancharan


In my head, the chaos is beautiful, in words and numbers and dysfunctional matter, in my head, your lies are truth, your demons are allies, you have ascended beyond the cosmos, in my head, I am alive, I believe, in my head, aliens dissect my memories and store them in dreams, in my head, the wonders are limitless, but out here…reality is a nightmare.

© elancharan


The system is flawed, we the people, the synapses not lighting up, we the living system marching to whims of mad men with imaginary crowns, the system is flawed, we the people, the brain and soul behind this label we call society, we living only to bow down, bow down…

© elancharan


Nature will repair itself, with or without us, faster without us, Nature will find her way, with or without us, better without us, Nature doesn’t need us, doesn’t need us, doesn’t need you…

© elancharan