Only A Few Have It

Only A Few Have It


Donovan Wilkins


EXT. Blue Comet Bar & Grille – Night

The bar has only a few people sitting at it. A small tv hung on the wall above all the liquor and beer. On the screen played It’s A Wonderful Life, without the sound and in black and white. In the back of the bar was a small stage for live music and entertainment.

Tonight’s entertainment was replaced with Christmas decorations for the season. Christmas music played over the speakers but only low enough to not upset the mood of the bar. In the last booth towards the stage was a young couple who was using so much PDA it could have been a porno. A bartender approached one of her customers at the beginning of the bar.

KADEN WORTHY, African American, 22, sipped on a Jack and Coke with a lemon. Kaden was the kind of guy who was liked by everyone but hated everyone. His hair was way too wild almost like he didn’t give a shit. His shoes were falling apart at the soles but couldn’t really afford more than 3 pairs of shoes at a time.

BARTENDER: Hey, do you want another one?

Kaden looked up from his phone to see the beautiful bartender looking at him. He thought about what his life would be like if he married her. Yes, Kaden likes to fantasize about his life with beautiful women. He’s weird like that.

KADEN: Yes please.

This would be Kaden’s 5th Jack and Coke but it wouldn’t be his last. Kaden went back to his phone while the bartender went to make his drink. Kaden happened to be searching for ways to commit suicide without feeling pain. Kaden should know that when you die, you HAVE to feel pain.

He knew that he would not get better results than the last time he tried, 3 days ago. He made his way down the Google search page, clicking every web page hoping for some good news. Reddit, Facebook community pages, health websites and Yahoo Ask all offered the same thing, bullshit and pain.

BARTENDER (sitting a fresh drink in front of Kaden): Here you go sir.

The bartender looked at Kaden and then at his phone screen. Kaden felt the judgement radiating from her eyes when he looked up.

BARTENDER (smiling): Are you ok? I couldn’t help but see you what you are researching on your phone.

KADEN (sounding happy but wasn’t): Yes I’m fine. I’m just looking up some stuff for my Psych class.

BARTENDER: Oh cool, where do you go?

KADEN: Arcadia.

BARTENDER: I assume you’re studying Psychology?

KADEN: No. I’m studying Photography.

BARTENDER: Wow artistic! That’s deep.

Kaden didn’t think it was that deep. Females.

KADEN: Yeah I guess. If you don’t mind I would like to get back to work.

The bartender was confused, she thought there could have been something there. Instead she left to tend to her other guests. Such a dick move Kaden. The bartender took that personal and left to attend to her other guests. Kaden watched the water from the side of his drink slide down onto the napkin under it. There was something about watching this play out that made him crack a smile.

EXT. Blue Comet (Bar) – Night

The night moved on as people came and went. Even though it was a Friday night, the bar never seemed to fill up. Kaden couldn’t care less, he hated crowds. By his 7th Jack and Coke he was drifting in and out of reality. He could barely make out the two girls in the far corner swapping tongues. The bartender approached him.

KADEN (waved her off): I’ll take the check.

Kaden looked over at the girls again only to see them having sexual intercourse on the top of the bar. Nobody else seemed to notice them or even cared.

The bartender came back with the check 3 minutes later.

EXT. Blue Comet – Night

Kaden stumbled out of the bar into the cold night air face up. Looking up to the dark cloudy sky while rain fell made him feel even shiter than the alcohol was making him feel. His phone buzzed in his back pocket. Kaden had 5 unread texts from numbers he couldn’t make out but knew they were not important.

A pool of blood formed under his hands, a piece of glass was lodged in his left palm. Weird he didn’t feel any pain. He closed his eyes and laid there. PAIGE HARTMAN, European American, 24 stood over Kaden as he laid there.

PAIGE: Hey, are you ok? I see blood.

Kaden opened his eyes. Paige was holding an a blue umbrella over both of them, little drops of water clinging to the sides. She held out her hand to help Kaden up.

KADEN: What are you doing here?

PAIGE: I’m trying to help you.

KADEN: No I’m fine. Just wanted to lay down for a minute.

PAIGE: There’s a bench right across the street.

A park bench stood across the street at a poorly lit bus stop. Anybody could have missed that.

KADEN: Huh imagine that. I must be drunker than I thought.

A huge gash has opened on Kaden’s hand. Blood kept flowing out hitting the already wet pavement. He needed medical attention.

PAIGE (pointing at his hand): You need medical attention. It looks pretty deep.

KADEN (muttered under his breath): Not deep enough.

PAIGE: What?

KADEN: Nothing, I’m not going to the hospital. Thanks for the concern.

Kaden started walking away. Paige followed with her umbrella.

PAIGE: Why won’t you go to the ER!?

KADEN: Because nobody talks about what happens after they check you out.

PAIGE (confused): What?

KADEN: You have to pay all the medical expenses. They care you for getting help, which I never understood.

PAIGE: You don’t have insurance?

KADEN: I can barely afford rent and you think I have money to cover if I get hurt.

PAIGE: Let me take care of you.

KADEN: I’m fine. Don’t you have somewhere to be?

PAIGE: Nope, I have all the time in the world now.

KADEN: Can’t you bother someone else, like your mother?

PAIGE: I’ve talked to my mother earlier. I’ll see her again very soon.

EXT. Wine & Spirits – Night

The Wine & Spirits store lights shined bright through the window as Kaden walked through the doors. Special messages hung in the window advertising beer.

INT. Wine & Spirits – Night

The store was really empty. Kaden went straight to the Jack Daniels whiskey. He popped off the top and took it 3 long sips before walking to the front counter throwing money as he walked out.

The cashier was stunned but took the money without a word.

EXT. Wine & Spirits – Night

Paige was waiting outside of the store leaning against the stone wall. She had put the umbrella down and was now smoking a cigarette. Kaden continued to walk down the street.

Once again Paige followed.

KADEN (once Paige caught up to him): You know those will kill you.

PAIGE: You should do stand up. That’s fucking gold.

KADEN: God you are so annoying.

PAIGE (teasing): You didn’t always used to think so.

Walking past an alley, Kaden could see a male shooting heroin while 2 other males took turns fucking what seem like a hooker. The girl looked up from the ground to see Kaden staring. While on all fours, the hooker gave Kaden a wink.

Kaden continued to walk down the street under the pouring rain. He looked around and Paige was gone.

Nothing was said, only the sound of rain hitting the street could be heard.

EXT. Glenside Train Station – Night

The train station had only a few lit lights. Cars flew past under the tracks on the bridge. Kaden sits on the bench and waits.

The rain comes to a slow drizzle.

EXT. Ticket Office – Night

The waiting room was empty. Train schedules hung on a gigantic black board in the middle of the room. The white walls offered no comfort only conformity.

Kaden walked to the ticket window. A lady sat behind the window watching tv.

KADEN: Can I get one ticket to Philadelphia?

Lady: You can’t outrun it you know. Some things are meant to be. You can’t live your life in the stars.

KADEN: Umm I’ll keep that in the back of my mind. Thanks.

LADY: You know they are all right.

KADEN: Ma’am, it’s late.

LADY: What do you do for a living?

KADEN: I work in the food service.

LADY: How many jobs?


LADY: Why?

KADEN: Why what?

LADY: Why do you work 2 jobs?

KADEN: I don’t get paid enough for one job. I have camera equipment to pay for.

LADY: So quit. It’s not like you are going to make it.

KADEN: I will. I don’t know how to do anything else.

LADY: What do you hope to gain in life? What is your purpose in life?

Kaden didn’t know why he was talking to this lady. Just take the ticket and go.

KADEN: Right now to get on this train.

LADY: Then after the train?

Kaden knew nothing of what she was talking about. He just wanted to go.

KADEN: I have no idea what you are talking about lady, I just want a ticket.

LADY: If I give you this ticket, will you leave or will you run?

It made no sense…


KADEN: I’ll have to get back to you on that.

The Lady gave Kaden his ticket.

KADEN: Thanks.

LADY: You look lost son, but you won’t be for long.

KADEN: What do you mean?

LADY: You will see…

Kaden just took the ticket and went back out on the platform. Something he should have did before.

EXT. Glenside Station – Night

The rain had stopped but fog now occupied the skies. The only person standing on the platform was a old homeless guy in shabby clothes. The train pulled into the station. The homeless guy waved at the lady in the ticket office who gave him a smirk before getting on the train.

INT. Train – Night

The train was quiet with only a few people on it. Kaden took a seat in the far back of the cart. The homeless guy came into the cart and sat right beside Kaden.

He smelled of shitty whiskey and cheap cigarettes.

HOMELESS GUY: So, how’s life treating son?

Kaden looked over at the Homeless Guy. Besides his appearance, there was something about the guy that made him seem inviting. At this point, it wasn’t the worst thing he did tonight.

KADEN: It sucks. You know how life is.

HOMELESS GUY: No I don’t. I’ve never met her. Your life can’t be that bad.

KADEN: You don’t know the half of it. I mean, what is the purpose of it all if we lose it all in the end?

HOMELESS GUY: Do you believe in God?


HOMELESS GUY: Why not? No faith?

KADEN: I don’t live my life the way some guy in the sky told me to.

The Homeless Guy flashed a small smile at Kaden. He had the whitest teeth ever, which didn’t make sense for a homeless person.

HOMELESS GUY: So you have no faith?

KADEN: That shit was beaten out of me a long time ago.

HOMELESS GUY: What makes you get out of bed every morning?

KADEN: I don’t really know. I guess after a while it’s automatic. A cycle I’m trying so bad to break. Everytime I take a step forward, I take 12 steps back.

HOMELESS GUY: Stranger things have happened my son. Are you happy with your life?

KADEN: No. I just really need a second chance.

The Homeless Guy looked at Kaden for a while. He was trying to find something that couldn’t be seen right now.

HOMELESS GUY: You know there are no second chances. The only thing you can do is try to make a living following what you love. Have a little faith.

KADEN: It’s not easy.

HOMELESS GUY(smiles): I never meant it to be…

The Homeless Man places his hand on Kaden’s forehead. Kaden’s eyes shut and he drifts off.

INT. Blue Comet – Night

It’s a Wonderful Life plays on a small black and white Tv. No sound came from the Tv. Christmas music lightly played throughout the bar. Around the bar a few people sat talking about the latest Snapchat update. Typical college kids with nothing else to do but waste away. All following the trend of the world until something new comes along.

Kaden opened his eyes to find himself staring at the bar counter. His drink half empty next to him. No one around seemed to care about him falling asleep at the bar. In his pocket, his phone buzzed rapidly. There’s a text from Paige saying, “Don’t forget to pick up some flowers for my mother”. Shit he forgot.

A bartender comes over to Kaden.

BARTENDER: Could I get you one more?

She points to the half empty glass of Jack and Coke.

KADEN: Umm…No…I’ll just take the check.

The Bartender starts to walk away. Kaden stops her.

KADEN: Did I come in here earlier?

BARTENDER: No you were in here the whole time. Are you ok?

Is he?

Something is really wrong here.

KADEN: Yeah…

Kaden goes to grab the glass on the counter and it slips out of reach. The glass shatters into a million pieces like the galaxy. The music stops and everyone looks at Kaden. They all wear the same motionless expression as Kaden scans the room.

There is a large scar on Kaden’s left hand.

Very deep and very fresh.



Donovan Wilkins is a writer and photographer from Philadelphia. After dropping out of Community College, he decided to focus his time on his passion for writing. His love of independent movies played a huge influence in his writings. His first full length screenplay, The Road Less Traveled, is being considered for numerous small film festivals across the United States. He also works as a philly scene reporter for a small music website. When he is not writing, Donovan is working on building his photography business, Donnie Vintage Photography. His website is

© Donovan Wilkins


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