They didn’t invite us into their homes, and yet we invited ourselves without an ounce of shame into theirs, rifles to faces, boots to their pride, we invited ourselves and imposed our laws upon their lands, we laughed, they resisted, we violated, they resisted, they resisted no longer, we paid with our lives…

© elancharan


7 thoughts on “NATIVE

  1. Wow! Heavy, but so true, been my sentiments all my life, well from the time I became aware that there was life other than ourselves. It wasn’t until my late school years that i realised, how much the so called civilised humans showed a total disregard for others that didn’t conform. Disgusted, and shameful I am that that state of affairs continues to this very day. It carries on under various names, racial decimation topping the list. There are more, some of which in recent times are being
    exposed, not that they are new to us humans, oh no. There has been no niches within our society that has not been exploited, whether it was for the good or bad, humans have, or will find a way. Self sufficiency, re us humans, can still be found. Isolated tribes from different parts of the world are living proof. Unfortunately the so called civilised amongst us if they have there way will end that. Guilty parties; agriculturist, businesses in whatever form. but for me religion, it often being the first to, (with good intent, initially), exploit and change a way of life that for centuries has worked, A brief caveat re human foibles within our own kind, as for those concerning other forms of life and how we interact, or don’t, the latter being the general rule of thumb, well, the dodo, being one of the earliest of human induced extinctions says it all.

    An echo of your sentiments too. hopefully, express in haiku.

    the dodo extinct
    a human folly and more
    all life threatened

    we are part of life’s
    astounding diversity
    evolutions real

    with out each other
    how long our survival
    global warning

    dodo great auk gone
    life still fraught with extinctions
    help protect nature

    ere life ends my friend
    a haiku or two explains
    feelings for nature

    Best wishes,

    PS Watch out for a pingback.

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