My poetical thesis ( if i ever get to do my masters one day) on the word, “FUCK.”

The most powerful word in the English language

is the word FUCK. It can be used as a noun or verb

and can be used to describe almost anything in

any situation and in any given timeline.

Past, present and future, FUCK was there.

Which makes FUCK the most

adaptive word in the world. That being said,

who actually gives a FUCK about it right?

Well if you must know, FUCK is known

across societies and languages,

giving it international status, recognition

and respect.


The word, FUCK,

is derived from celibate hilltop monks who

described their disgust at

human copulation as what we know

today as FUCK. Although FUCK is respected

and largely represented by human coitus,

FUCK is also seen as a disrespectful word,

especially when it comes out from the

mouth of smaller humans, I in no way refer

to midgets but children. FUCK it right?


FUCK has lived longer than most of us

and could have been used across

universes and dimensions. FUCK this!

You must be wondering where’s my evidence.

Drug users have confirmed that in

a state of whirls and rainbows, FUCK

has been heard and used by beings

with three or four fingers and two dicks.

You should be giving a FUCK

about FUCK right about now.


FUCK has the ability to FUCKING render you

speechless, it can be used as a connector, a scream,

a comment, it can be used as a counter to almost

anything said in any human language.

FUCKING cool right? FUCK has survived the Black Plague,

Independence Day, Judgement Day,

the sinking of Atlantis, the eruption of Pompeii,

the nazis and finally us. FUCK us!


FUCK is finite and infinite, it can be used an immediate

response, “FUCK!” or be lengthened to “FUUUUUUUUCK!”

by the capacity of your FUCKING lungs.

Although technology has advanced tremendously and people have

FUCKING lost human touch. FUCK continues to be used

in people’s faces, humans seek pleasure in travelling

great distances, crossing continents and borders

to initiate a FUCK YOU.


FUCK is highly therapeutic.

FUCK can be chanted 108 times

to relieve pain in the nether regions

and to prevent erectile dysfunctions.

FUCK can be repeated in succession

to calm our nerves before a nuclear attack.

In coitus, FUCK is whispered to prevent

premature ejaculations,

shotgun marriages and teenage pregnancies.

FUCK is used in medicine

when a surgeon replaces a heart

with a kidney. FUCK is anatomical

in the sense that body parts can take on

the actions of intercourse such as the

mighty middle finger in a vagina, anus

or down your throat.


FUCK is the scientific name

of homo sapiens (humans). FUCK is used

to name one another after a long

night of concussive sex and booze.

FUCK is successfully used to insult or

escape from a one-night stand

where you have no recollection

or memory of sleeping

with the other party.

FUCK has often appeared on the

foreheads of people without spines

and on the tombstones of graves

of hated and FUCKED-up souls.


FUCK is the face

of the FUCKING human race. FUCK is sublimely

branded in ads, movies and bombs. When used

appropriately, FUCK denotes sarcasm or an estimated

violent reaction. When used wisely, FUCK is a

rejection to almost any proposal of coitus.

When used in coitus, FUCK represents what

it already means but just that the more you say it,

the faster he or she gets to come. When used by

pornstars, FUCK is magic!


In conclusion, FUCK is beautiful, FUCK is god,

FUCK is you, me and every single thing around us,

FUCK is creation and destruction, FUCK is orgasm,

FUCK is our heartbeat and every fist raised in

the name of violent oppressors, FUCK is music,

FUCK is art, FUCK is the very life that runs

through blood and streams through our rivers,

FUCK is the epitome of humanity, without FUCK

we are nothing, FUCK continues evolving even

as the human body regresses with our stupidity,

FUCK is our gift to future generations.


FUCK you, i mean thank you.


© elancharan


31 thoughts on “FUCK

  1. I love the ending so poetic, what a wonderful post. I feel a sci-fi novel coming on where humans first encounter with extra terrestrial beings is a fuck show or has somebody made that already

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Vibrato, as in loud, is a word my former orchestra teacher used for the students to play in certain pieces. When I read your poem out loud I felt a lot of energy exuding out. So yes, this is a good thing.

        Liked by 1 person

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