A Word about Mt. Carmel Cemetery

I saw pictures of Mt. Carmel Cemetery today

The headstones knocked down into the mounds of dirty snow

The barren ground producing nothing from this stench of hatred
As assuredly as the sun rises, though, summer will be coming
She will be carrying tulips in her hands
Smelling like freshly wet lilacs
Most assuredly summer is coming to soak away all of this hardened snow and ice
It’s mild breezes kissing away the places where hate tries to linger on
Yes, summer, she is coming
Bringing with her young girls in bikini tops to flirt with the young boys who know nothing yet about love
This beautiful woman summer will provide the most marvelous sunsets and lush greens to spread out upon to watch the young love blossom
Yes, hate is here today
But summer is coming



Fee Thomas is a poet and activist from North, Minneapolis. She doesn’t call what she does writing, rather she says “it is the loosening of her heart and Spirit.” Her favorite thing is sitting on the grass with her niece teaching her to play the guitar. 

© Fee Thomas


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