This whole thing feels like a fucking experiment, birthed on this tiny island, where the seasons are void except for rain or shine, people of so many colors and cultures, placed here to live, to struggle, to find peace amongst ourselves, the gods must have gone crazy at some point, maybe they were held at gun point by psychedelic aliens, fuck this planet up or we’ll blow your brains out, and so they did, they divided the world into continents, and continents into countries, and mused civilizatons from celestial orgies, this whole thing, has been one great big mistake, one the gods have forgotten and one we never will, me, you, we are all part of this random act, one that the gods are gambling to at this very moment, laughing and boozing their arses off to our madness.

© elancharan


3 thoughts on “THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY

  1. If we are indeed just ecoli in a petri dish
    Gods are the guilty in our limited space
    Yet a scientist in a lab can no more save
    A single ecoli in that seething tiny hoard
    Than an ecoli’s tiny voice be heard
    by that titanic indifferent creator

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