Should life intimidate you-

you fucking beat the shit out of it

or else, prepare for funeral


© elancharan


12 thoughts on “BE BRAVE

  1. I like this poem, although you up for a discussion? I know this is a Haiku and I’m taking it to seriously but I don’t get to do this stuff with my peers so, here’s a question: If someone is already weak enough to be intimidated by life, how will one be strong enough to beat the shit out of it? I’m not questioning you’re work, I really liked it but maybe I’m challenging you. I’d like to hear your response.

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    1. Hey Norah, challenge accepted! I mean when life puts you down, steps on you and spits on you; do you remain lying on the floor? Those who have given up have either committed suicide, lived in fear or have found a way to fight back. Let’s take this piece to a college situation, where a student is bullied and beaten and shamed. What would that student do? Would he be trampled over and live in fear or would he seek help and fight back against the bully? The idea behind the haiku is that, as strong and evolved as we humans are, we are also weak, we have our fears and limitations. At the end of the day we must find strength and courage to fight and live life (or beat the shit out of it). Although it’s a haiku, it’s deep and holds personal value to me.

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