Between you and I, across borders, the I love yous and the digital kisses, the distance don’t matter, I’ve crossed seas and cyberspace, to be with you on the other side of the screen, it must be weird, you miles away, here I am lost in time, my body clock fucked, my mind trailling behind, if twilight zone had a moment it would be now, technological advancements were made so that we lovers could kiss each other goodnight, say our good mornings, and just be with each other, the distance don’t matter, when your part of the world has turned upside down, I’ll be here for you digitized on your screen, millions of pixels in movment as we smile, talk and laugh our blues away, the thought of being away from a loved one will always come to mind, we’re just a phone call away, maybe a video call, no matter what you say or do, I’ll be waiting, my soul partially submerged in codings and binaries, waiting for the moment you step into my arms, the distance don’t matter but at the end of the day, the real you, in flesh, blood and lust is all I fucking want.

© elancharan


18 thoughts on “DISTANCE DON’T MATTER

  1. Being with the one you care about is not about distance or time. You are right about that. You breathe the same air, your mind fills up with thoughts of love and lust, and finally the reality. If you get together the rest doesn’t matter.

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