It’s in our blood, don’t blame us millenials and youths for not wanting to stick to a job for three to four decades of our lives, we don’t seek pleasure in boredom, we don’t see fun in normality, we want to travel, we want to see, we want to know what makes the world tick, we want to break boundaries, we want to go beyond flesh and language, good or bad, we want to experience the craze of this planet, please don’t stop us, please don’t put us down, we need to know, we will bear the consequences of our actions, you have enough on your shoulders, so let us be, let us be…

© elancharan


26 thoughts on “GENERATION WOW

  1. This is a great idea for every young generation for as long as you take responsibility for your actions and not blame the older generation for their lack of guidance, which the younger generation often refuse. Good luck!:)

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  2. Is someone getting at you? I hope not! If it’s in your blood maybe that’s partly because you inherited some of this lust for freedom from an older generation? Some of us old people understand very well how it feels because it still does. Just that we’re too tired to do it all these days. Enjoy it while you’re young!

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  3. I’m 73 years old. You and I are not so different. We have the same wants, desires and hopes for our lives. Even though every generation is being named, we are all in this together. So yes my young friend, not only “let us be”, but also ” let it be”. 🙂

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  4. I am 70 and have had many jobs although I loved the last one so much (advising young people who wanted to make a difference as health care professionals) that I stayed 20 years. Don’t let the old folks silence you. As we move to more robots and self driving cars, we should be able to free everyone from long work weeks so they can have time to travel and bond with people of other cultures.Young people can make this happen, but they need to be involved in politics (I know, I hate it) and to VOTE! (and if someone steals your vote, make a stink and sue them)

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  5. I was at 60s kid and I guess always will be. I have been waiting for hearts that want more than wealth, more than security, and more than money bling. I’m poorer than I would have been and so many days the only one over 25 smiling. Glad to see your millennial heart.

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