Hope on the other side of the fence

we reach out, peek through holes

we’ll show them hell when we cross


© elancharan




Treading Water

Calm is the best way to describe the night. Silence hangs in the air strangely unperturbed by the only man that’s awake at 3 A.M. The same man that is currently climbing past the suicide barriers at Clifton. More silence, then the ugly crash of skin meeting water at 90 miles per hour. Organs rip from the chest; an unconscious man’s lungs fill with water. The smug silence returns.

Michael morris 1997-2017



Isaac Izekor is a sudent from the UK who can usually be found hiding from pointless responsibilities like: a University degree and a family that loves him. Most of his work is collected on

© Isaac Izekor


Let me tell you a tale, a tale of when boy meets girl, when the world was at his back, when nothing was right, when the first time he saw her, he fell for her, he fell so hard, he broke his nose, it broke his ego, or whatever that remained of him, when boy meets girl, his neurons are fired, his sleep is disturbed, he is out of sync, lovingly screwed, he knew that when boy meets girl, he was in love, and for the first time ever, he felt a connection, a powerful drive, and after 10 fucking years of dating, he found that there was no way he was ever going to live this mad life without her, he needed her, and she needed him, though she’s miles away, in a different country, yearning to come back, he feels it now, the pain, the distance, the need to hold her hands, to look into her eyes and say: Will you fucking marry me?

© elancharan