They said we came from monkeys, some argue otherwise, we learned to be social, forged weapons, took it upon ourselves to survive, we evolved, we became greedy, filled with seven millenia of sin, they said we evolved to kill, grew complex brains and longer appendages to craft and mine and plunder, when we lost our thunder we craved for more, we evolved to be more, more than ever, more than now, the future was never about passing good to the next generation, it was about making the best of us, making sure that we would go down into the next world, stronger, smarter, much more ruthless than before, we evolved they said, we evolved in almost every aspect, and yet evolution puts kindness and empathy away, stored in some dormant part of the DNA, we losing touch, we losing the need to talk, to communicate, to say nice words, we losing ourselves and yet we pride ourselves with our genocidal achievements, there is nothing to be proud of when you lack empathy and warmth, we were made to love and survive, but not at the cost of killing, hating or culling the rest of the human race.


© elancharan


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