The world doesn’t need more selfies, the need to proclaim, to show the world, hey look, look at the shit I’ve done, calling out on people publicly when you have no idea of the actual story, the world doesn’t need your I-just-gave-birth photos, look at my child all covered in blood and placenta, oh for fuck’s sake, look around us, the world has lost its fucking mind, we not dealing with the information around us in a logical way, we crunching, we stealing, turning into conniving hypocrites who say more than we do, or do things for the sake of gaining fame and publicity, at the end of the day, we need our space, we need a safe space to clear our heads, to refresh our minds, the world doesn’t need to know what goes in in every second of our lives, the world doesn’t need to know, you don’t need to know…

© elancharan


34 thoughts on “NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW

  1. In total agreement! 🎯 The world is so puffed up and values more “likes” and “followers” than real intimacy with a few. Powerful words, thank you!

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  2. Bringing into light some things unspoken until then is great! But displaying things just because one can do so, with no purpose, is waste of everyone’s time, thoughts, energy… I agree with you partly. Putting up pictures to keep them a memory or because the very act of putting them up makes you happy is alright. But putting them up because all are doing it or just to prove to others (and secretly to yourself) that you are happy is sad. That is everything wrong with the world today!

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