Names, that’s the sum of hatred in one word, names long, big, great, cursed or small, it doesn’t matter how well you’ve given the name, it doesn’t make a difference how much thought you’ve given to it and the intention into saying the words, one syallable, one name at a time, that’s how the world is ruined, how nights become sleepless and the mind replays the moment when lips say names, words, thoughts of hatred come to life, hitting home, we’d have existed just fine without names, no need to identify ourselves from the other, if we could be one big common entity that thrives on love it’d be great, but names were never meant for illusions, names were meant for bigger and nastier things, the harbringer of violence, genocide and war, names, names, names, that’s the sum of hatred, disgust and turmoil in a single fucking word.

© elancharan


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