Reconstructing Devils

Hell had frozen into hardened solid white ice, as heaven caught fire the devil laughed, as god wept and dried his tears on a well burnt angel wing. Planets exploded as the universe collapsed, throwing microscopic bits of the sun and the moon on to the few remaining humans. The sudden and vast disintegration gave way to new orders, Gods were born from shattered devils that had survived the blast. They moved in steady rhythm, placing chaos into order, creating new rules for their divine plans, destroying anything that had withstood the destruction, and built pure and new creations to take their place. And after the rebirth of the universe another catastrophe crashed, and hurriedly demolished it’s creation and took it’s place.



I am 23 years old and enjoy writing short stories and poems.  My main themes are mental health and moral struggles. my work consists of dark themes and hopeless situations, that are based off of my struggles with bipolar disorder. My favourite pass times are reading, writing and gardening.

© Renee Heinrich


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