Torment and Torture

E n d l e s s lamenting only darkens an uncertain future

            As turns and twist increase, so does my suicidal streak

As righteous and vanity blur

                                                E n d l e s s

                                                I n f o r m a t I o n

            You can’t force someone to be                       free



Darrell Herbert has poetry featured in the likes of the “Best Teen Writing of 2014,” by Hannah Jones, NotMyPresident Anthology, Writers- Black Artists Connected Blog, A Shared Format 4 Poets, Yellow Chair Review, Poetic Treasures Magazine, Section 8 Magazine, Blacktopia: Black Utopia Society Blog, Works in Progress, Woman of P.O.W.E.R. blog, Media Blast Press, Madness Muse Magazine, cocktailmolly, New York Rising Blog,, Supastars Magazine,, Beat Yard Magazine, All Black Entertainment Magazine, Southeast Hip-Hop Magazine, Poets & Writers Magazine, Tuck Magazine, Wild Sound Festival Review, Dwartonline, Zoomoozophone Review, as well as in HangTime Magazine and The Lemonade Stand Magazine.

© Darrell Herbert


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