Man And Bear


In the woods, under the shade of great oak trees,

where the smell of dew intoxicated the air,

Man and Bear stood still, entrapped in time.

They peered into each other with a lonely, stark silence,

and their eyes told of a story, the only story there is, the story of life.

Many moons passed, until the heavens thundered, the wind howled, and slowly the rain came.

But they were unmoved by the flooding of the great Missouri,

they were calm and content, in the eye of the storm.

And as Nature wreaked havoc, the Bear inside him slept.

“They say when a man and an animal have spilled each other’s blood, they become one.” – One Stab, Legends of the Fall (1994)



I’m Ayushman Chhabra from Gurgaon, India. I don’t exactly know what to write for a bio, so here’s my blog address:


© Ayushman Chhabra


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