shedding masks shedding personas curtains close

© elancharan

One thought on “BEING YOU

  1. You say “Shedding masks shedding personas curtains close” The mask never really comes off,
    The curtain closes and the fool, the wise man, and the blue collar worker dance on.
    The roles of a lifetime.
    The actions they Each deem necessary to move on accomplishing a single day.
    Some of them do this by twirling their bodies on stage fluctuating their voices to pitch and tone.
    Entertaining yes.
    The mask never fully comes off.
    The act going on past the curtain close,
    past the encore,
    past the emptying of seats
    past and through and on and on and past the lights dimming. Turning off. Darkness.
    The light gets a crack to peak through every now and then-
    Someone gets to see the real you. The emotion, moodiness, or “oh, no I am actually not doing well.”
    Then the mask slips back on.
    Maybe the real act is wearing the mask,
    It becomes so tight and fits so well, the act becomes Truth and if your lucky you get to share some of your real feelings and emotions, your soul letting lose.

    Thank you again for sharing your writings and poetry.

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