the warmth finds me through the glass if only we were given the freedom to truly feel

© elancharan

6 thoughts on “FEEL ALIVE

      1. Well, you cannot feel living I guess. It is a story we tell ourselves. Feeling alive. But why do we even have to tell it? If we weren’t alive there’d be no need for stories. But that would be a shame. Hmm… I need a coffee before I can go on thinking about that, hehe.

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  1. The closest to truly feeling might be a really strong vibration, because that involves the whole body. You know the ones, where even the bones are involved? And funnily enough, dancing (to music with deep basslines, because vibrations) If you dance and are really into it it is more like you stop feeling at all, because there is just this moment and nothing else. No pain, no fear. And later you might say “Wow, I felt alive tonight!” I don’t know if I’m going astray on this. And again this is all highly subjective due to the nature of perception. And I “feel alive”, when I write. When it flows and my mind turns to autopliot and there is just my fingertips and I.

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